False policemen robbed a saffron seller in Dubai

Six gang members are deported from the UAE for robbing a saffron vendor.

Six gang members posing as police officers will spend six months in jail for robbing a saffron vendor of 470,000 dirhams. After serving their sentences, the convicts, who are of Arab and Asian descent, will be deported to their home countries.

According to Dubai Criminal Court records, the gang attacked the saffron vendor at his home in Naif district by knocking on his apartment and introducing themselves as police officers. The assailants demanded he tell them what he does for a living and where he keeps his money.

When he brought 470 thousand in cash, the criminals grabbed the money, beat the man, locked him in a room and then fled the scene. A team of investigators detained and interrogated one of the gang members, who confessed to the crime and helped investigators detain his accomplices.

Earlier, the Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the conviction of the gang members who came from Tajikistan and attacked a private home on the first day of 2022. The four criminals will spend five years in prison, after which they will be deported to their home country.

In July 2022, Dubai Police conducted an operation to detain two Eastern European men who stole a diamond necklace from a jewelry store and tried to fly out of the country with it. The arrest took place at Dubai International Airport.

In March 2022, a porter was caught stealing cell phones from a passenger’s luggage at Dubai International Airport in Dubai. It is specified that the 29-year-old airport worker spent three months in jail and was deported to his home country.

In September 2019, a 27-year-old Dubai International Airport employee went on trial in Dubai for stealing two mangoes from luggage en route to India. The amount of damage he sustained was estimated at AED 6 (less than US$ 2). He admitted that he ate the mangoes because he was hungry.

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