A restaurant guest in Dubai was doused with liquid nitrogen

A Dubai restaurant apologized for burning a customer.

Dubai restaurant Tabu apologized to the visitor, on whom the waiter spilled liquid nitrogen during the dinner. It is specified that the incident occurred during a theatrical presentation of dishes, the woman received burns.

The founder of the Japanese restaurant David Lescarret said that the guest received first aid. The establishment is working with the Dubai Municipality to sort out safety issues.

The restaurant is located at the St Regis Hotel in downtown Dubai, but the hotel is not responsible for its operations. Liquid nitrogen has become popular in many restaurants: it instantly freezes food and drinks, creating theatrical plumes of mist and steam on contact with the air.

Alin Fleihan, an architect from Saudi Arabia, suffered minor burns. A waiter spilled liquid nitrogen on her back as she carried dishes on a tray to a nearby table. The girl’s clothes, which absorbed the nitrogen, were able to prevent more serious injuries.

The liquid nitrogen has a temperature of minus 196ºC, so it does not cause a real burn, but it can damage the skin in the area of contact with it. The girl noted that frostbite-like burns were left on her neck and lower back. She had to bathe in warm water and constantly moisten the damaged skin.

After receiving emergency treatment, the tourist was invited to a restaurant for a free lunch. The tasting menu starts at AED 600 per person. Visitors are promised an interactive cooking show to help them appreciate the “beautiful art” of Japanese cuisine.

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